About This Site

D23 Goes 2 Work is a joint effort of local community service providers who have been brought together to form a partnership and collaboration of expertise and resources in response to the plight of joblessness and underemployment as experienced by far too many Dallas area residents.

What we have found during the creation of D23 Goes 2 Work is that there are untapped, undiscovered and underutilized resources standing ready. While at the other end of the spectrum there is the basic need for gainful employment and a clear path on how to arrive at that goal which may be obscured by barriers such as lack of training or experience, displacement, age and other challenges.

Our goal is to match opportunity to need and to plug you the jobseeker, in to local services that will help you find the career you’re looking for.

D23 Goes 2 Work partners and service providers include Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas, the Dallas County Community College District, Urban League of Greater Dallas & North Central Texas, the Greater Dallas Chamber and the Dallas Local Union 100 AFL-CIO. The voice of the community was brought to us by several prominent churches and faith-based organizations. “D23” is home to the Dallas County, Texas state senate district represented by Senator Royce West.

D23goes2work is a joint effort between a number of resources and service providers in the Dallas area. Our goal is to plug you into the services that are already in place in your local community to help you find the career you’re looking for.

Benefits of joining a service provider:

  • Receive general or industry specific training, attend “D23 Hiring Fairs” with employers who have partnered with employment service providers
  • Start a new career by learning a trade in industries that are hiring now and earn a livable wage while you train
  • See where service providers near you on our D23 Workforce Map
  • Access to assistance programs through service providers to help in your job/career search

Benefits of employers partnering with a service provider:

  • Contract out for your industry specific employee training
  • Employee trainings and employment services for your employees
  • Hire local talent
  • Participate in industry specific Hiring Fairs
  • Vetting of future employees by service providers before the Hiring Fairs

Benefits for Non-Profits/Municipalities/School Districts/other service providers

  • Partner with a service provider who has a growing clientele population
  • Establish employment pipelines for your entity

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