D23 Hiring Fair – Another Success Story

A young lady and her father came by the D23 Hiring Fair and they were intent on finding a job. Not because she was on social services programs and wanted to get off, but because she simply had run into a stroke of bad luck. She recently lost her job, subsequently she was being evicted from her home, and not one to dwell in her misfortunes she was out performing community service with her father. When they returned home to start packing up her belongings to move out, her belongings had been stolen.

She was so disheartened that she had decided against coming to the Hiring Fair held on December 4, 2014 but her Father convinced her otherwise. When she arrived she was able to talk with some of the partners of D23 Goes 2 Work, and utilize some of the in kind services that they provide. They were able to feed her, offer her business attire, funds to relocate and obtain temporary housing. She also received 4 job offers on the spot and has several promising interviews.

Afterwards she said “…I now feel like I know where my life is headed…”

This Hiring Fair was more than just a Hiring Fair.