A Job Seeker’s Personal Success Story

On April 28, 2014 Job Seeker attended WIA Orientation at the Southwest Workforce Center. The following day, the job seeker returned to the Southwest Center and appeared very frustrated. Shortly after his arrival, he approached the receptionist counter and asked to speak with the Center Manager.

During this particular visit, the job seeker asked if he could share a bit of his life history, so that others could better understand “his story.

During the conversation, he mentioned growing up in a family where all of his basic needs were met. He credited his mother as being a huge influence on his life as she ensured he had everything he wanted and needed.

Job Seeker stated that even with all of the love and support that his mother gave him along with all of the benefits that he was afforded throughout his childhood; none of it served as a deterrent nor did it keep him from making some very bad decisions.

Job Seeker openly shared numerous challenges that he was facing. He reported that he was recently released from prison (drug charges). He stated that upon his release from prison, he realized that it was within his best interest to relocate.

Job Seeker mentioned that he knew in his heart that if he remained in his hometown (Abilene), it was highly possible that he would be drawn back into the “lifestyle” and he was determined not to travel down that road again.

Job Seeker went on to disclose that he was destitute, his skill-base was very limited, his overall work history was not solid, but if someone would just look past his history, take a chance, and afford him an opportunity to help him help himself, he would never quit or give up until he had finished what he started.

However, what was most striking was what he said next; “If and when this opportunity is granted, it will not be taken for granted”.

It goes without saying that the one thing that this Job Seeker did possess was pure determination! He consistently reiterated that “if the center would stand behind him and just give him a push, there would be no disappointments.”

When asked what his long/short term goals were, Job Seeker replied, “I would like to go to truck driving school. I already know which learning institution I would like to attend, and after I successfully complete the program, my plan is to drive for the Oil and Gas Industry because I never want to be in this same predicament again.”

Going forward, this Job Seeker never missed an appointment; he followed the WIA sequence of services, received assistance from The Men’s Clothes Closet, The North Texas Food Bank, as well as the Full Gospel Holy Temple Church.

Training Begins

On May 12, 2014, he began training at the International Truck Driving School here in the DFW Metroplex. Job Seeker maintained contact with his Talent Development Specialist and consistently provided progress reports on how he was doing.

When faced with challenges, he was open and honest with the Southwest Staff.

When needed, he was provided additional resources to help him alleviate any barriers that stood in the way of his training. Amazingly, there was never a time that he mentioned, nor considered quitting the program.

On June 19, 2014, Job Seeker completed his training course and obtained a Commercial Driver’s License. Shortly thereafter, Job Seeker worked with the Job Placement Division at International Truck Driving School and on June 20, 2014 he was offered two (2) different positions.

Job Seeker accepted a position with Paschall Truck Lines (PTL). He returned to the Southwest Workforce Center and reported the good news and provided a copy of his certification and license.

What was most interesting about this particular visit is that the job seeker reminded us all about our first encounter with him by saying “I told you, all I needed was the opportunity.”

Job Seeker stated that even though he was hired by Paschall, he still needed to attend an orientation and training session in Kentucky on June 23, 2014, but could not afford the cost of the bus ticket.  

Transportation assistance was given to Job Seeker to cover the cost of bus fare to get to the local bus station in order to report to orientation in Kentucky.

Prior to his departure, Job Seeker agreed to report all details relative to his new position after the training had concluded.

Job Seeker was very excited and stated that he was well on his way to becoming self-sufficient and needless to say, he was quite vocal on how thankful he is for all that the Southwest Workforce Center did to assist him in reaching his primary goal.

A job and a new lease on life!