Unlocking DOORS for the Formerly Incarcerated and those under Correctional Supervision

Are you an ex-offender facing the challenges of re-entering free society in the DFW area?

Are you looking for help in finding housing, medical care, family counseling, career guidance and more?

Do you have a sincere desire to change and accept the responsibilities that come with setting goals that will help you change your life?

DOORS Can Help!!

Upon your release from confinement call DOORS at 469-587-7854

You and your DOORS Case Manager will:

  • Discuss the challenges that you will be facing
  • Schedule four (4) different types of assessments to determine your immediate and future needs
  • Agree on a Plan of Action complete with goals
  • Schedule meetings with partner agencies to accomplish those goals
  • Continue meeting to revise your Plan of Action as goals are met

You will meet with your Case Manager at the following  location:
Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic 1402 Corinth Street, Ste. 235, Dallas, TX 75215