What Started as a Hobby Became a Career

“I was working as a truck driver when I took my first Welding course at Eastfield,” says Bruce Parramore.

“I had gotten interested in welding when I built a go-cart as a home project and had decided I’d like to learn how to weld better,” the Eastfield College alum says. “But after I took that first welding class — after just four months — I had learned enough that I was able to get a job in my company’s welding department. Now I’m a welder instead of a truck driver.”

Because hours are flexible, Parramore was able to keep his job as a truck driver while he learned welding.
“What I like about welding is that you get the chance to create something, and because it’s metal it lasts just about forever,” he says. “It’s also really fun, and now I work on a lot of home projects I would never have been able to do before.”